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Lucky for new iPhone 12, 12 Pro/Pro Max and 12 Mini owners, Vodacom’s 5G network is officially supported on those devices.

Feb 9, 2021

Smartphones toting that coveted 5G spectrum capability are flooding the South African market. But its not all that useful if 5G mobile networks arent readily accessible on those devices, right? Lucky for new iPhone 12, 12 Pro/Pro Max and 12 Mini owners, Vodacom announced this week that its 5G network is officially supported on those devices. 
Vodacom is pleased to share that were now offering 5G cellular support for the powerful new iPhone 12 line-up, the company said in a brief statement, reports TechCentral.
iPhone 12’s on 5G, finally
If youre on Vodacom, look out for the carrier settings update before you can use 5G on iPhone 12 series. pic.twitter.com/OAay6vyivz
— Nafisa Akabor (@nafisa1) February 8, 2021
The iPhone 12 lineup officially landed in South Africa on 18 December, way behind its normal launch schedule. MTN, Vodacoms competitor, offered 5G support for the devices right out of the box. 
According to reports, Vodacoms 5G network was still in the process of being vetted and certified by Apple before this week. By comparison, MTN focused on concluding testing of its 5G network well before the devices launched in the country. Through rigorous 5G testing with Apple, MTN is proud to announce that, on launch, the Apple iPhone 12 will be enabled for 5G on the MTN network, MTN announced in December.
As with most things, getting approval for just about anything through Apple takes some time (try and get a podcast approved by them. The company takes its time). Since Vodacom joined the 5G race on iPhones, were anxiously waiting to see whether Rain will receive approval.