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Weather warnings are in place for much of the UK with a risk of flooding for many

Jan 19, 2021

Storm Christoph has moved in from the Atlantic Ocean, bringing with it winds, heavy rain and milder air.
Northern Scotland will see a bright start to the day on Tuesday, meanwhile the rest of the UK will face cloudy skies with heavy rain for western and northern parts of England, as well as Northern Ireland.
Later on in the day Tuesday, the rain will start to particularly affect Northern Ireland and southern Scotland with 30mm rain expected widely.
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A southwesterly breeze will mean a mild afternoon with temperatures up to 11C in the south of England. Meanwhile colder air will remain in place in northern Scotland with temperatures around 5C.
This cold air in Scotland will sink south Tuesday evening and according to Aidan McGivern from the Met Office, pose a snow threat to the hills of southern Scoland and Northern Ireland. Between 2cm and 5cm of snow is expected here.
Late Tuesday evening there will be some very heavy rain in northwest England and north Wales. Several yellow and amber weather warnings are in place UK-wide over the next three days, with 30mm to 50mm of rainfall expected widely between Monday and Thursday.
An amber weather warning has been set 6am Tuesday to 12pm Thursday for parts of northern England and the Midlands. The Met Office gave a reason for this saying: heavy rainfall combined with some snowmelt across the hills is likely to lead to flooding.  
An amber weather warning means that theres a risk of fast flowing and deep floodwater causing a danger to life, according to the Met Office. 
Rain will move south by Tuesday evening and remain here through Wednesday night.