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Jan 16, 2021

What will travel be like post Brexit?
Sir Keir Starmer is to set out his optimistic vision for a new relationship with the United States under Joe Biden.
Speaking on Saturday, days ahead of the inauguration of Mr Biden as US president, Sir Keir will say he is pro-American but anti-Trump and wants to build a Britain that can act as the bridge between the US and the rest of Europe.
The Labour leader will use a speech to the Fabian Society to say he is committed to a new US-UK relationship, consisting of a strong future together, on everything from security, climate change, aid and trade.
Meanwhile, Boris Johnsons desperately poor Brexit deal has left Scottish fishers with losses mounting by the day and many businesses fearing for their survival, the industrys trade body has said in a scathing letter to the prime minister.
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Freight group warns Irish government of huge post-Brexit disruption
Empty supermarket shelves, job losses and rising prices are expected amid huge post-Brexit disruption to supply chains in coming weeks, according to an Irish freight group.
The Freight Transport Association of Ireland (FTAI) wrote to Irelands premier Micheal Martin to warn him of the consequences of the impact of Britain leaving the EU unless the government takes action to assist the industry trying to bring goods into the country.
The letter, signed by FTAI general manager Aidan Flynn, also said the industry was struggling to keep the flow of goods moving.
There is a growing backlog of goods of all hues, from mechanical parts (car parts) to electrical household goods, furniture, clothing, food supplies, sitting in depots because there are not enough agents to process the declarations correctly, the group said.
Mr Martin said he read the letter and shared their concerns, adding that an additional 1,500 people have been employed to manage the new customs rules.
He also said the Irish government is managing very damaging developments in the wake of Brexit.
Now that Brexit has become a reality, we are seeing operational effects on supply chains, and on ports, on trade between Great Britain and the European Union countries, including Ireland, he added.
Emily Goddard16 January 2021 08:34
Hello and welcome to the latest updates on Brexit as we await a speech from Sir Keir Starmer, who will declare himself pro-American today.
Emily Goddard16 January 2021 08:32