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Owners of Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X posted videos of the console apparently overheating — but others proved vape smoke produces the same effect.

Nov 12, 2020

Microsoft issued an unusual safety warning to owners of its new $500 console Wednesday night.
“Please do not blow vape smoke into your Xbox Series X,” the tech giant tweeted.
—Xbox (@Xbox) November 11, 2020
It turns out some owners have been doing exactly that.
Less than a day after the console’s release, videos cropping up across social media showed smoke billowing from the new consoles. Some of these have racked up millions of views.
—Arek Adamowicz (@Arek_Adamowicz) November 11, 2020
At first glance, it looks like the new Xbox console has problems with overheating, or is even on fire. But the videos appear to be fake.
Other users cried foul, pointing out that if you turn off your Xbox Series X and smoke a vape into it, vapor soon rises out of the console, just like in the videos of the allegedly overheating products.
—Nibel (@Nibellion) November 11, 2020
Social media users have also shared photos and videos of ping pong balls floating on their air gushing out of the Series X fans.
—TmarTn (@TmarTn) November 11, 2020
Though this could be scientifically plausible, some believe these are faked, too. IGN, for example, highlighted a video from another Twitter user that showed the Xbox Series X’s fans barely ruffling a feather.
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Business Insider has asked Microsoft for comment.