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Comedian Ash Williams revealed on I’m A Celeb the nipple sucking side gig he had in Los Angeles

Jan 6, 2021

Ash Williams is the gift that keeps on giving on Im A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! The comedian and actor’s latest side hustle bombshell on the show was revealing a bizarre way he’d made cash on the side while living in Los Angeles.
While chatting to his fellow celebs in the Aussie outback, Williams explained how he didn’t get paid much while working as an actor in LA as was mainly given only small roles.
“He’s the weirdest and most unique and intriguing man I think I’ve ever met. The guy will do anything for $350 bucks,” Grant Denyer tells the camera in an aside on the show.
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With Williams explaining that he would wait by the post box daily for his small cheque to arrive in the mail, he later told Abbie Chatfield that he started working at a “gay bar” to have a more “normal” job.
He then explained how he went to Santa Monica boulevard to get a job as a budgie smuggler-wearing gogo dancer.
He then became the “shot guy” where he would make $1 off every $5 shot. Realising it wasn’t enough money, an idea came to him when one guy offered to pay to suck on his nipple.
“One guy said to me, ‘Hey mate, how much to suck on your nipple?’ I thought, ‘$20?’ and he was like ‘Deal’. So then I had a line for nipple sucks. You’d buy a shot and then you’d get a chaser,” he said, pointing to his nipple, “with whipped cream”.
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His fellow celebrity contestant and alleged romance Abbie Chatfield told the camera that she wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not, but wrapped it up with, “He definitely would do more than I would for some money, and good on him.”
It comes after the star revealed to the cast that he used to sell photos of his feet online for good money.
It all started when Abbie Chatfield was talking to Grant Denyer about a friend of hers who makes “thousands” online by selling photos of their feet.
In disbelief, Denyer couldn’t figure out how someone would spend so much.
Williams chimed in, “It’s never thousands. They’re tight with their money. They’re not going to be splashing around $1000.”
“Has anyone ever paid you for photos of your feet?” asked Denyer.
“Yeah, I stopped doing it,” Williams answered. “This guy was just on me. ‘Hey Foot King, do you feel like sending photos of your feet?’”
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Both Chatfield and Denyer were in stitches over the “Foot King” comment, however Williams continued.
“I stopped doing it because he wanted more artistic direction on the feet pics.”
To the camera, Williams discussed further what people must think of him when he tells them of his foot fetish photo past.
“They think I’m a bit of a nut, or they’re intrigued. They’re like, this is a story I haven’t heard.”
Interestingly, Williams divulged on what the best part of the foot was to send to a potential buyer.
“They love soles. That is the creme de la creme. If you show your soles … that’s it. It’s just the best part of the foot. You never show soles first.”
“It’s not that fulfilling,” he concluded.