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Hulking 195cm bodybuilder shows off his out of this world daily intake

Nov 17, 2020

To become a giant, you must eat like The Giant.Professional bodybuilder Jamie Christian-Johal does just that as he wolfs down an absurd seven meals per day.
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Johal has been nicknamed “The Giant” as he stands at a staggering 195cm (6’5”).
He is the tallest professional in open class bodybuilding in the world. And as you’d expect, it takes a lot of food to fuel his 300lbs frame.
During an interview with SunSport, the former fireman revealed exactly what his daily diet entails.
Johal gorges on 6,400 calories per day — which is over three times the recommended amount for an adult male.
He sticks to a staple diet from day-to-day which includes oats, turkey, salmon, pasta and rice.
The IFBB pro even manages to squeeze in a cheeky burger and oven chips of an evening.
However, some days he likes to treat himself to a protein-packed omelette with dark chocolate, ketchup and mustard on top.
“I call it the half and half because variety is the spice of life,” he said.
“This morning I had an omelette, but I couldn’t decide what I wanted on top.
“So on one half I had ketchup and mustard, but on the other half I had dark chocolate.”
The Giant’s food bill sets him back a whopping £300-per-week. And the gym owner pays his wife, called Katie, £500-per-month to cook his meals for him.
Johal tackled a 30” pizza as part of a YouTube challenge earlier this month — but it defeated him.
The Giant has recently competed in two bodybuilding shows in both the UK and Spain.
And despite dwarfing the other competitors on stage, he plans to get even bigger.
“Next year, the goal is to come in 10lbs heavier, which will see me over 300lbs on stage,” he said.
“I want to 100 per cent qualify for the (bodybuilding event) Olympia 2021.”
The Giant has also given his prediction for Eddie Hall’s fight against Hafthor Bjornsson.
He backed the Brit to come out on top when he takes on the ‘gentle giant’ next year.
Johal — who has 68,000 followers on Instagram — has been put through his paces by Hall in the gym.
The pair are expected to link up later this year for a food eating challenge — which will be posted to YouTube.
This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.