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Prison cook arrested for soliciting sex act from an inmate

Jan 2, 2021

A former prison chef has been arrested for allegedly propositioning an inmate to perform a sex in exchange for a chocolate bar.The incident allegedly occurred at the Las Vegas City Jail in November, 2019.
Leon Spencer, 48, was working there as a cook when he allegedly suggested that a male prisoner perform a specific sex act on him.
He promised the inmate a Snickers bar in return, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
Mr Spencer was arrested on December 21 and is facing charges of voluntary sex conduct with a prisoner, open and gross lewdness and soliciting or engaging in prostitution.
The arrest took place after the inmate reported the incident to police which prompted officers to check the facility’s CCTV cameras.
The footage corroborated the inmate’s story, showing the pair entering the bathroom simultaneously and leaving at different times, according to a Metropolitan Police Department arrest report released Monday.
The report, obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, says the inmate reported the incident to avoid facing the chef at work the next day.
Mr Spencer – who is no longer in police custody – will front court again in April.