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‘Religious conversion in the name of service has been going on for years’, he says

Nov 16, 2020

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said religious conversion of tribals in the name of service would not be tolerated .
Addressing a gathering in Bhopal on Tribal Pride Day on Sunday, he said steps were being taken to prevent illegal conversions. Religious conversion in the name of service has been going on for years.
Mr. Chouhan remembered freedom fighter Birsa Munda on his birth anniversary, saying he was admitted to a German Christian school after undergoing conversion. Soon Birsa realised it and left school and rejoined the mainstream.
Birsa shook the British and fought for his culture and tradition. Our tribal people never bowed whenever their traditions have been attacked. They have always hit back, he noted.
Mr. Chouhan said he was against the term primitive for tribals. From today, the Ministry of Tribal Welfare will be called the Ministry of Tribal Affairs. We need to bring tribal people to the mainstream. The first right over the States resources is that of the poor and those at the lowest level, he stated.
Samras hostels would be built State-wide, where children from all communities would reside. And 10% seats in tribal hostels would be reserved for poor children from other communities, he added.